Cycle for a Reason empowers teens to raise money for various non-profit organizations through adventure travel
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Cycle for a Reason empowers teens to raise money for non-profit organizations through adventure travel.

Cycle for a Reason, 396 Porter Avenue, Buffalo, NY  14201   716.566.7908    email us at:

Cycle for a Reason has partnered with four amazing nonprofit organizations. Choosing which organization is your reason to cycle is an important decision to make. Spend some time researching each to find out which one deserves your support.  Or choose your own Reason!

Cycle for a Reason will assist you in the initial contact with your selected non-profit organization and get you on your way toward fundraising.

With your Reason in mind its time to choose your adventure. Teen Treks is an educational travel program promoting personal growth, adventure, and fun through biking and hostelling. They offer supervised bike trips Across America, around a Great Lake, from NYC to Montreal, or many more.

With the reason selected, the adventure planned, and the fundraising in place there is only one thing left to do... Ride for a Reason. Enjoy your summer adventure knowing you are making a difference and building a better world.